2018 ARRL Field Day

The 2018 ARRL Field Day event has ended. We had okay weather with a little rain, a good turn out of Club members, and a few visitors. The bands opened for the event. The 40 and 80 meter inverted-V antennas and the 20 meter beam 40 feet off the ground all were great!

For the first time, we installed a 10 meter Ringo on top the beam mast. The band was open in the early part of the day on both Saturday and Sunday. We found the distance between the antennas was a problem. The 20 meter, 40 meter, and 80 meter stations had bandpass filters so they were fine. We do not have a 10 meter bandpass filter (yet) so it suffered a little.

This year's Field Day was held at Hampton Township's Community Park. We would like to thank them for allowing us to use their facility. We needed their okay to operate overnight as the Township has a hard time limit when the park closes each day. A little before midnight, one of the Hampton Township Police officers stopped by. He was looking for Ron Frank. Ron was not there and it turned out the officer was a friend of both Ron and his son. He just wanted to say hi and not arrest Ron. That could have been a great Field Day story if the officer's intent was different.

The Club would like to thank Al Houston, N2MA, as the Field Day Chairperson. We need to thank Jim Hartman, KC3AZV, and Eric Fowler, WV3E, for their hard work on getting both trailers ready for this event. We need to thank Tim Colbert, K3HX, for bringing his 6 meter beam and tower. We need to thank all of those who operated this event.

I would like to thank Gary Van Balen (KB3GUZ) and Jeff Bussard (N3EVN) who provided most of the photos used on this website.

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