The ARRL 2014 Field Day event is now history.  We had a good time and survived using the N1MM logging program for the first time.  The heavy evening rain storm did cause us to tear down earlier than we had wanted to so.  None of the equipment got wet.  I’m sure by now all of those who helped with the tear down are dry by now!  Field Day ended Saturday evening with many of us meeting at Starbucks to continue the social part of Field Day in a dry location.

I would like to thank Eric, wv3e, for managing this event.  I would also like to thank my son Alex for cooking lunch and John, kb3ybs, for cooking dinner.  Both meals were very good!

Ed DeHart

HAMFEST 29 is Coming

Tickets for the Grand Prizes will be available at any of our Meetings and Events from now 'til the HAMFEST. Tickets are priced:

$2.00 each
3 for $5.00
7 for $10.00
15 for $20.00
40 for $50.00
90 for $100.00

Click on the HAMFEST button on the right to see the list of Prizes and directions to the site. Tickets are available by mail for those unable to attend. Send a check for the amount desired and a SASE to:

Treasurer - NHARC
P.O. Box 15333
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Your tickets will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Hamfest Tables Available

Table rental reservations for the HAMFEST are now being accepted. Inside rentals are $10 per 8' table and outside rentals are $5 per 10' space. Rentals are on a first come, first served basis so get your reservations in now. Inside tables don't have to worry about the weather.

We have a new prime vendor, "Eagle 1 Communications" and we are expecting them to draw increased traffic. They will be occupying 16 tables right down the center and your table would have the use of the inside wall area behind it for additional display or messages. Send your reservation, along with check, to the Club address mentioned above. No need to send a SASE, we will email you if you include your email address in your letter.



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